Primary School


We take great pleasure to welcome, greet and meet our Primary School students every day. We become happy when our students learn the different methodologies of each subject and our little champs perform activities in an innovative way.

From the Playway to Primary School, every moment is the center of a highly interactive and innovative curriculum hence we put our efforts to make our academics the best part of our education system.

At Bal Vatika Educational & Sports Society, we focus on igniting the spark of real genius in every child so that he/she can bring the unmatchable output from the learning. We focus to analyze and encourage the special talents, interests, or passions of kids and learn in a playful & interesting manner.

From the initial stage of education, we emphasis to make students understand the real-life challenges and tackle them in their own way.

Bal Vatika is the best school in Garhdiwala, Hoshiarpur where we strive to make the future of your kids as bright as should be.


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