UKG - Bal Vatika


At this stage, kids are active and curious to explore different things around them. They love to learn while playing and they adore to be engaged in activities of their interest.

In this program, we focus on developing social and personal skills. We encourage the students for critical and creative thinking.

We have made UKG program different and interesting by using innovative and engaging teaching methodologies.

Bal Vatika’s team put efforts to create a happy learning environment with fun-filled activities in the entire school so that students do not take the education as a burden.

Encouraging Curiosity

Curiosity let the kids learn by heart rather than forcement hence we encourage curiosity and allow children to explore.

Motivating Interests

Children are motivated to build interests and pursue them. We put efforts to prepare new generation rather than followers.



Summer Camps


Creative Activities



Bal Vatika Performance Results

Playway 93%
Pre Nursery 89%
Nursery 90%
Primary School 95%
LKG 92%
UKG 91%

Make your children's initial learning phase special by enrolling them
in Bal Vatika