Managing Director’s Message

Welcome to the Bal Vatika School


I am so excited that you are considering us for your child’s early childhood education. We are committed to providing a comfortable, caring, and nurturing learning environment for young children, and we take our jobs seriously!

By making Bal Vatika your school home, your child will grow to love their teacher, classmates, and our school, and will come home talking about all the wonderful things they did and learned throughout their day. Our program offers a wide variety of learning experiences and a safe place for your child to explore, play, dream and have fun. You will recognize positive growth in their social skills, behavior, vocabulary, language usage, manners, etiquette and comprehension, and desire and eagerness to read, be read to, try new things, think creatively and learn.

Not only do we nurture and facilitate children’s growth, development, and learning, we are also dedicated to partnering with and serving their parents as well. We will do whatever we can to assist parents with identifying and achieving their personal and professional goals, and the goals of their family. Working together facilitates and promotes success among our children, our families, our school and our community.

Mr. Naresh Dhadwal

Naresh Dadhwal