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Bal Vatika School was established with the aim of providing the best education to the children of the Kandi area. It is a school which inspires children to use their full potential and learn in their own different way and produce an idealistic output. We are committed to providing a home-like environment where the kids get everything essential.

We at Bal Vatika School, have designed a unique curriculum through which students our students exercise their multiple intelligences, and grasp new concepts. We emphasize preparing the new generation to give a new shape to the learning and produce extraordinary results rather than cramming the same stuff to be good repeaters. Our vision is to create a generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders rather than just followers.

Some call it Pre-School, some call it fun school, we call it “Bal-Vatika”. We believe in enlightening and educating children through activity-based learning in a stress-free, friendly atmosphere. Bal Vatika School is located in a natural green environment. Our school boasts of modern infrastructure, equipment, and learning aids. No effort is being spared to ensure that we deliver the best to your kid.

The school has a well-designed and equipped lobby, play area, library, ball pools, dance area, a small splash pool, and a sprawling green lawn.

Bal Vatika School is an intelligent way to help your child to grow up and face the world with confidence.

At Bal Vatika School, the children are not taught, they simply learn. Here, the kids learn while having fun and play games. All the activities are actually designed to hone the Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Linguistic, Social, and Moral Skills that will stand your children in good stead for the rest of their lives. Our educational goal is simple to help children blossom in the field of their choice by identifying their skills and nurture them to achieve success.
Our well-educated and experienced faculty put their full efforts to meet educational expectations. We have a superb range of extra-curricular activities to extend and challenge our students.

All of this is underpinned by the expertise and passion of our Director Mr. Naresh Dadhwal. He believed that he could formulate a distinctive technique to teach children in a playful manner, and offer a creative learning process that engages all the senses of the child. He transformed his dream into reality and developed a unique educational environment for kids.

Inevitably, a website can only offer a snapshot of our school, so please, do come for a visit to meet our students and faculty so that you can see and feel the spirit of a Bal Vatika’s education scenario.

Unleash Child's Potential


Learn with Creativity

Creative ways to learn different subjects in the initial stage of educational phase.

Smart Approach

State of the art technology and equipment for the kids of Bal Vatika.

Creating Curiosity

Encouraging kids for learning with curiosity and bring outstanding output.

Bal Vatika's Vision & Values

Every little child is a unique and divine entity, full of potential and promise. A child picks up learning cues from every action and object around him/her. If one wants to learn how curiosity can be a pre cursor to learning, one must observe a child playing with a toy. This curiosity is clearly visible and apparent in the eyes, movement and sound of every child. These early years of learning and development become the fundamental building blocks of every child’s personality. It is our vision to create an ideal environment that nurtures, prospers and strengthens these initial years. Our vision is to prepare children to face the outside world with confidence and achieve success in competitive world. Bal Vatika Playway is formulated with innovative concept of learning through a focused curriculum with the best facilities in the natural environment.

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